Indiana Jones Hats
Hat Indiana Jones
A Little History of the
Original Indiana Jones Hat

"One rather uneventful afternoon two gentlemen came in (to the hat store) and introduced themselves as Mr. Harrison Ford and Mr. Steven Spielberg.

Little did we envision at this point that the following conversation involving hats was going to produce one of the most instantly recognizable iconic pieces of headwear of the decade. Mr. Spielberg announced that he was on the brink of making an adventure film with Mr. Ford as the central figure and said that a hat was required as pivotal to the character and the plot.

The Salesperson courteously asked if there was a particular period involved; they didn't want anything too specific so he suggested employing the oldest shape still being manufactured and carried in open stock. A tall crowned wide brim fur felt called "The Poet", as it had been made continuously since the 1890's and was ageless. As the character was to use it in different terrains a shade of brown called Sable was chosen. To make the hat very distinctive, we shaped the brim into an ovoid to give protection to the eyes and neck, reducing the sides also helped with camera angles. The brim was pulled down to give an explorer/safari look, the original ribbon being changed from 50mm to 39mm to make the tall crown appear even taller.

It evidently worked as the following week we received an order for 45 hats of assorted sizes, for Mr. Ford and the stunt extras."

The above story was related from someone with the Herbert Johnson hat store.